A Little about Precision Concepts


Precision Concepts began as a small job shop out back in Ron’s garage. The business continued to grow and succeed in the Job Shop market.  Their capabilities went from a simple old KIWA CNC Machining Center, dubbed Old Faithful, to a full spectrum shop offering both CNC Milling and CNC Turning.  A 4th Axis Indexer with Rotary table was added to the CNC Milling Center opening another avenue of production.

Through the years, Precision Concepts grew through multiple buildings to where they are now located on the north side of Forest Lake, MN.  In their current location they have 3200 square feet with three CNC Lathes, three CNC Mills, two vertical manual mills with digital readouts and one manual engine lathe with a digital readout.  A welding area with acorn table was created to accommodate both MIG and TIG welding.

Even after 20 years, the spirit is still the same; small shop charm with large shop capabilities.  Though old faithful still holds a special place in the employee’s heart and the shop floor, the new machining centers continue to open new doors.  Innovative ideas are passed back and forth.  Challenges are accepted and individuals grow in knowledge and expertise.

Precision Concepts may not be located in a spanking new building at a prestigious zip code, but they are proud of the quality of work produced.  Perfection may not always be attainable, but precision can and that is their concept each day they enter the building.

So every day as the doors open and the machines begin to hum, a new widget will be produced and the person behind the manufacturing has taken a personal interest in it.  From concept to completion, Precision Concepts is there for you.